Smart Office

Tecgemini Smart office is an effective tool to implement e-governance with flexible filing system and file flow management sysytem.

Smart office covers:
  • Complete cycle from initiation of a file to the closing with any number of iterations.
  • Select a pre-set flow or define a new flow for the new file.
  • Maintain notes and currents in a file with facility to text search within notes and currents.
  • Attach scanned documents to files.
  • Flag documents or notes for easy reference.
  • Highlights of higher priority files.
  • Alert users and/or escalate about files pending beyond permitted days.
  • Generate letters, circulars, and notes from files and save and publish by email.
  • Make availbale the relevant information to the public and accept feedback, complaints from the public.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface.