TecAnalyser - Business intelligence report generation tool

TecAnalyser is a tool used to migrate historical data and generate customized Business Intelligence Reports. It uses a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information in text and graphical modes. The tool can extract data spread across many tables. This application is easily customizable and without any training various graphical reports can be generated by just dragging and dropping the desired fields. Without any technical knowledge, one can create queries on screen by selecting tables, fields and defining join and filter conditions using this software.
  • TecAnalyser can be used to generate easy user friendly business intelligent reports.
  • User can drag and drop fields from database which contains desired data, based on requirements and conditions set.
  • TecAnalyser support graphical reports based on your interest and need.
  • Customized for sectors like insurance, bank, hospital management systems where new generation management systems are being implemented.
  • TecAnalyser can pull data from your huge databases irrespective of the complexities of the data spread across many tables.