TECH ERP an easily adaptable ERP solution specially designed for SMEs and scalable to any large industries. A cost effective ERP solution that can be customizable for manufacturing, retail, construction and any service sector industries.
This is an ERP solution that covers integrated functionality requirements for small, medium and large enterprises in construction, manufacturing and service sectors.

  • Gives a global, real-time view of data that can enable companies to address concerns proactively to increase profitability and drive improvements.
  • Improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk.
  • Enhances customer service and relationship by addressing customer requirements effectively.
TECH ERP – Advantages for any Industries
  • Effective solution in Open source Robust Technology.
  • No hidden proprietary license and other costs.
  • Platform Independent: can be installed in any machine with Operating system like Windows, LINUX and Mac.
  • Web Based ERP. Effective web solution allows access from anywhere in the world.
  • Device independent (Can access the features and functionalities from Smart phones, Palm tops & Desktops.)
  • User friendly interfaces and require very little training to use the application.
  • Efficient work flow to automate, monitor and analyze all business units of the organization.
  • Secured application to protect your sensitive data.
  • Multi-currency & variant time-zone management for geographically located business.
  • Less implementation and operational cost.
  • Flexible & easily adaptable solution for your business.
  • Highly scalable, Powerful Open source, Cost effective business solution.
Functional Modules

Finance Management HR & Payroll Management Sales & Marketing
Customer Relationship Management Project Management Logistics Management
Production Management Supply chain management Facility Management
Preconstruction Management Asset Management Inventory
Document Management System Management Dashboards MIS Reports
Purchase Management Business Engineering Design-Planning Management
Canteen Management Equipment Management Despatch Management
Transportation Management
Note : The modules will be changed based on the industries.
Industries covered: Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Service sectors
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TEC G THEATER – First Secured Online Open Theater


Efforts of hundreds of film makers go unappreciated daily in Indian cinema that once had dominated many world platforms with its richness and magnificence. For all those who are interested in films, TEC G THEATER is the right platform to showcase your talent through which your efforts, your dreams and your passion in films would go appreciated in this world.

  • TEC G THEATER is an online film portal which provides a wide collection of feature films, Non – feature films, Animated films, Music etc
  • Tec G THEATER allows viewers to watch films anytime, anywhere legally and in good quality.
  • Viewers can watch the latest movies using our service irrespective of the country they are in and enjoy them on their PC or Laptop or TV (Via HDMI) conveniently.
  • This platform promotes various cultural exchanges and help artist to gain publicity as well as monetary benefits.
  • The movies offered here are 100% legal. We protect the interest of our copyright holders.
  • Producers can easily upload their films to our portal by providing necessary legal documents.
  • Detailed collection reports will be available to the producers periodically.
  • Piracy of the movie is discouraged and can be tracked easily. Payment transactions are highly secured.
  • TEC G THEATER is highly user friendly.
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Smart Office

Tecgemini Smart office is an effective tool to implement e-governance with flexible filing system and file flow management sysytem.

Smart office covers:
  • Complete cycle from initiation of a file to the closing with any number of iterations.
  • Select a pre-set flow or define a new flow for the new file.
  • Maintain notes and currents in a file with facility to text search within notes and currents.
  • Attach scanned documents to files.
  • Flag documents or notes for easy reference.
  • Highlights of higher priority files.
  • Alert users and/or escalate about files pending beyond permitted days.
  • Generate letters, circulars, and notes from files and save and publish by email.
  • Make availbale the relevant information to the public and accept feedback, complaints from the public.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface.

TEC CRM-Customer Relationship Management Software

TEC CRM is an easy-to-use & fast-to-deploy web based customer relationship management solution. TEC CRM enables enterprise-wide access to vital customer information at any time. An integrated web solution to manage sales, customer support and marketing.

Major Features:

  • User Friendly interface.
  • Multi-device support.
  • Single application for maintaining customer data and sms / email handling.
  • Effective management of customer promotion, customer support and customer feedback.
  • Tracking of all leads through various media of communication, identifying potential and prospective customers to convert into business.
  • Enhances lead to customer ratio.
  • On-time customised MIS reports at fingertips for effective decision making.
  • Monitoring of enquiry follow-ups done by the staff.
  • Effective ticketing for better attention to customer enquiry, complaints & feedback on time.
  • Analysis of Customer rating to improvise quality of product and services rendered.
  • Better view on demand of market based on enquiries and feedbacks.
Functional Modules

Customer Support & Services Management Dashboards Reports
Add on Modules:    
Sales Management Finance Management Inventory Management
Industries covered: Construction, Retail, Service sectors
TecEYE – Educational Management System

TecEYE is an one-stop solution to ease all complexities currently faced by educational institutions. Major hurdles that pull back many institutions from the race towards pole position are identified and tackled by TecEYE.

Major Features:
  • Student academics can be tracked and progress can be reported online.
  • Parents can interact with teachers online.
  • Keeps parents up to date with their ward’s progress in school/college.
  • Assignments can be delivered online.
  • Fully compatible for integration with Biometric Devices, Barcodes, RFID's & Smartcards.
  • GPS - Vehicle Tracking System facility in school/college vehicles.
  • Archive of Academic materials for reference.
  • Ability to get in touch with school/college authorities even during vacation time.
  • Online leave application.
  • It is multi user, multi session and multi board software.
  • Data security is maintained on departmental level.
  • Web based application for easy access from anywhere over the LAN, internet, etc on any device.
  • Role based secured login.
Functional Modules

Admission Register Management Courses & batches management Attendance Management
Student Management Fee & Timetable Management Event planning management
Student Portal Teacher Portal Parent Portal
Exam & Result Management Vehicle & Transportation Fleet Management
Institutions covered: Easily adaptable to any kind of Schools, Colleges