Life At Tecgemini

Mr. Arun Balaraj

"I have been at Tecgemini since January 8th 2007.I joined here as Software Engineer.After coming here, I was able to develop myself in various domains.I was able to expertise in the areas of development like PHP, Java, Dot Net and Ruby and in management areas like project management, business development, etc where I got guidance from seniors. The working environment at Tecgemini was such that we worked as a family . I strongly believe that any one who has worked and is working at Tecgemini become experts in their domain and will gain much knowledge in various dimensions. "

Mr. Lilu Antony

"I have learned a lot from Tecgemini, which motivates me in my career as well as my personal life.....Got so many friends....,learned a lot while interacting with them...was able to share what I have learnt...While working here, I got a lot of chances to utilize my strengths...As a software engineer,it's really a rare chance to be part in the ISO implementation of an organization...and TecGemini gave me that chance...and for sure these will help me a lot in my career.....Will be thankful to the management for these opportunities I had... Had a great time at Tecgemini..."

Mr. Shabeer.K.P

"I have enjoyed working at Tecgemini and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with all here. During these days my seniors have provided me support and through their encouragement and guidance I have been able to excel on the projects assigned to me."

Mr. Manoj.V.Nair

"During the period that I have worked here, I have learned a lot. It was because of the constant support and encouragement from higher-ups that I was able to perform my duties so well. In my position as System Administrator, I have gained considerable knowledge and thus I shall always cherish this, as one of the most satisfying phases in my career."

Mrs. Noora Naseer

"My career started at Tecgemini since June, 2010. I joined here as Software Engineer Trainee. I got great opportunities to work in various technologies and domains. I am very proud to be a member of TecFamily."

Mrs. Tina Jacob.K

"I have enjoyed working at Tecgemini and i am thankful to all my authorities for giving me an opportunity to be part of the team, who supported, guided, and encouraged me in my career at Tecgemini."

Mrs. Rajarajeshwari Mohan Jadhav

"I appreciate the professional development and growth I got from Tecgemini Info Services.I am very much thankful to all the colleagues here for the cooperation and support extended to me during my service. I have found my tenure quite enjoyable and fulfilling. "

Mrs. Jisha Mathew

"As a beginner at Tecgemini when joining 1.8 years ago my technical knowledge was very low. The support from all team members helped me to grow technically to become a part of a competant team."

Mr. Shibin Nazar

"For the last 1.5 years I am at Tecgemini. I have learned more in this less span and it will always be a big part of my career growth. Here I am experiencing such a friendly working environment. I’d like to thank Tecgemini for providing me with this wonderful experience."

Mrs. Anjali Kesav

"The working environment in Tecgemini is good and we are working as a family.This environment and the the support from my seniors help me to improve my knowledge. Any one who are working in tecgemini can improve their knowledge in various domains."

Mr. Prajeesh S

"I have been a part of Tecgemini since 1st July 2013, when I joined here as a Software Engineer. In my experience, Tecgemini is an ideal place to mold your career to new dimensions in various domains with the great opportunity of endless learning in all aspects of cutting-edge technologies and managerial activities."